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Interested in rewilding my garden but....ticks??

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    Hi there,

    I'm interested in at least partially rewilding my garden. It's not ginormous, but it's a decent size, in suburban south Dublin. My concern if I let the grass grow long is ticks? I picked one up while in Leitrim the year before last and it freaked me out I'll admit. I was put on antibiotics as a precaution but showed no symptoms of Lyme. I have two dogs so there'd be no avoiding going through the long grasses, though we use strong 3-month anti-tick repellent on them. I thought the situation was much worse in Ireland along the west and northwest coasts until my vet told me that she had a puppy come in recently covered in them from the house garden (just up the road from me).

    Just wondering what peoples' experiences have been, tips are. Can anything be done to keep them at bay when it's in a relatively small, enclosed space? Would pesticides by the only option there?

    Thank you,