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Watch Postage/Shipping dilemma

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    Hi all,

    I'm hoping for some advice from someone here that may have encountered this dilemma with postage.

    Back in Feb, I purchased a brand new Junghans Max Bill Automatic (from Montredo) and the crown has fallen clean off after a few months of very light wear. This happened while I was wearing it so it went unnoticed, and I do not have the missing part(s).

    So I got in touch with Junghans directly as there is not authorized dealer here in Ireland and as the watch is in warranty, they have advised I send it to either of their 2 workshops that carry out warranty repairs. Their factory in Germany or a third-party workshop in the UK.

    I'm happy to do this but the problem is I can not find a postal service that provides insured postage. I'm hesitant about sending a 1200eur watch uninsured to either Germany or the UK.

    Has anyone encountered this issue with postage/shipping before? Am I missing something? Any advice/pointers would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.


  • DHL will do insured shipping,m or use an post and a 3rd part insurer like will pay a good portion of the watches value to do so. I have sent many watches registered an post without insurance without an issue, but it depends on your attitude to risk.

  • I sent an uninsured €4k watch to France recently. To Watchfinder who insist on sending it just registered, with no mention of what is inside. The An Post registered post cost an insane €47. I would have been much happier though with an insured option (costing a lot more) and to be honest I was anxious while it was gone - took a full week before Watchfinder acknowledged they received it (a few days after tracking said they did)