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Free Nespresso Vertuo with purchase of 200 pods

  • 20-08-2021 4:26pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,061 ✭✭✭ Whiplashy

    Purchase 200 Vertuo pods from Nespresso, get a Vertuo machine free. These machines only take official Nespresso pods. Apparently the machine is worth €249. According to a Nespresso Facebook group the site is being glitchy but customer service will put through the offer if you give them a ring.


  • Registered Users Posts: 340 ✭✭ yogibear77

    Thanks for that, site was charging for the machine, rang then and they put the order through for me, happy days 😁

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,061 ✭✭✭ Whiplashy

    Glad they sorted it for you :)

  • Registered Users Posts: 5,630 ✭✭✭ daheff

    There were 99e deals last year for a machine, 100 capsules and with (I think) 60e subscription credit too.

  • Registered Users Posts: 549 ✭✭✭ Gadge

    It was for the mini espresso machine (valued on the site at €99), I bought one for myself & another as a gift, use it every day, am very happy with the purchase. I do think this is a better deal than that even.

  • Registered Users Posts: 1,753 ✭✭✭ alastair_doom

    Just a heads up that this offer ends tomorrow night (24th)

    "Offer available when any 200 or more Vertuo capsules are purchased in a single transaction between 17.08.21 and 23:59 on 24.08.20. Offer limited to a pre-allocated stock of Nespresso Vertuo Manual coffee machines only "

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  • Registered Users Posts: 138 ✭✭ mgray

    The 200 assortment are sold out now, I just bought 200 different pods that I wanted and the offer still worked, 132 euro but still a good price..

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,205 ✭✭✭ deiseindublin

    Thanks for the tip off, treated myself.

  • Registered Users Posts: 2,061 ✭✭✭ Whiplashy

    Just a quick update on this for anyone who ordered. My own one came today and there was no free sample box of 12 pods in with the machine. (Like you get with all new machines) I knew from a Nespresso Facebook group that most machines were coming with it. Hopped onto online chat and confirmed there is supposed to be a sample 12 box and they are sending it out to me, so definitely worth getting on to them if anyone doesn't receive it.

  • Registered Users Posts: 340 ✭✭ yogibear77

    Ours came yesterday, the sample box was included. OH is thrilled.

  • Registered Users Posts: 158 ✭✭ arsebiscuits82

    Got one of these in BT in Cork last weekend, I went in to get recycle pods and to stock up. Usually by 100 at a time, but went for the offer and rocked home with a new machine. The wife looked less than impressed, but now I have a coffee machine on my desk at work, so win win all around!

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  • Registered Users Posts: 4 Mouseycon

    Hi all, I see another offer on the Vertuo machine from €89 with 50 free capsules until 18/10 on the Nespresso site. I have the origional machine and typically enjoy the highest intensity strongest coffee like Kazaar and Napoli without milk and typically use 2 capsules each time. I would be interested to hear how Vertuo pods compare and if strength and intensity is worth the change?

  • Moderators, Science, Health & Environment Moderators Posts: 18,072 Mod ✭✭✭✭ Sam Russell

    I got one of these. The machine is brilliant, and well built, but the coffee costs about 60c per mug.

    I notice there are a lot of the machines now available - unopened - on e bay and adverts at prices up to €150, presumably without the 200 capsules that cost €116 with the machine for free.

    Current cost on site for the machine with 50 'free' capsules is €239, so I reckon it was a real bargain.