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S & S Substitution and Supervision

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    Hello just a quick question.Are all teachers required to do S & S duty or is it just if you teach over a 12 hour contract? contract is for less than 12 hours so trying to figure out if I'll be required to do S&S and for how many hours?

    Thank you


  • It would be a percentage of the full hours required for S&S. 22 hrs is a full contract for example. So if you have a contract for 11 hrs you would be required to do 50% of the total S&S hrs. The same applies to Croke Park hrs. Discuss this with whoever is organising the S & S timetable as they may be unaware of how many hours you are contracted for.

  • The only teachers who are not required to do S & S are those who opted out years ago when the option was available and got a deduction from their pay for doing so. It is on the pay slip as a minus. All other teachers are required to do it. Email the union they will give you a comprehensive answer on queries like this.

  • From ASTI website : more accurate than above. Apologies I can’t post links

    • Teachers are committed to provide a maximum of 43 hours supervision and substitution per year (pro-rata for job-sharing and part-time teachers).
    • S&S duties attract no additional payment
    • As well as timetabled supervision duties, teachers agree to be available to substitute for timetabled class periods per week. Teachers working more than 17 hours per week must be available for 5 periods; teachers working between 12 and 17 hours must available for 4 periods per week; teachers working up to 12 hours per week must be available for 3 class periods.