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Great Interview then Radio Silence...?

  • 16-08-2021 8:22pm
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    Just looking for some thoughts, insight etc.

    I applied for a job about 2 weeks ago, a contract with a major multinational. The initial phone interview went well. Last week I had a video interview and I think it went really well. I connected with everyone, we worked same or rival companies, some jokes, they complimented my experience and approach to problem-solving and skills. All looked good. Lots of back and forth emails about compliance. All in all, from phone calls, to emails, both inveriews, they chased me which I was humbled about that. They said I'd hear something by Friday just gone. No word. I hesitate to do this, but someone I know recommended I drop an email today politely asking if a decision had been reached, I did, radio silence.

    My understanding was that there was me and 2 others shortlisted. I have to say I've got jobs with half the amount of effort that I did in preparing for this one, half the interview positivity. As they were very professional, communicative and friendly until now, I expected even a polite rejection if that was the result.

    Not sure if they're busy/delayed or just waiting for the penny to drop...


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    Give it time. Go outside, read a book, watch a Netflix series? They will get back to you eventually..

    Perhaps they are busy, or finalising paperwork. I'd say you will hear something back this week. If not follow up next week. Don't pester. It looks bad.

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    It would show serious respect if they could be bothered to send you an email with an update.Give it another 10-15 days then send multiple emails at once-your finger slipped.2 emails at a time,2 days apart or one email then one 'phone call the following day until you get an acknowledge.To be honest the incompetence/ignorance of interviewers never shocks me."I have a job so **** you,you can wait"

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    In a multinational, a hiring decision generally wont sit with one person. The interviewers, HR, the budget holder, and the person you'll report to could likely all be different people. There could be 10 different individuals that have to weigh in on the final approval, and it's August - in my experience most people take 1-2 weeks off around August so you're often missing a quarter of your staff at any one point, even more so at management level where they have flexibility in taking time off.

    I'd say most likely they either haven't managed to come to a decision yet, or they can't finalise a decision because people are out on leave.

    Don't contact them by email again. If they didn't respond to your first one, there's nothing to be gained by sending another. If you really must contact them, give it a couple of weeks and give them a ring.

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    Sadly, I see this behavior more and more these days.

    I applied for a job in a large communications company a few years back, interview went very well, job was very attractive. I heard nothing back even after repeated emails asking for an update. 12 months later they came back to me asking if I was still interested in the position. 12 full months.

    Another situation, interviewed with a large retailer for a senior management position. Looked like a great job. Interview went really well. Heard nothing back for months only to be told they decided not to go ahead with hiring for the position.

    Its a simple courtesy to send someone an email to let them know either way, takes no more than 5 minutes effort.

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    maybe the interview wasn't a good as you thought?

    Jokes, it's August, people with overlapping leave etc... I wouldn't expect anything until September..

    It you're really antsy, give HR an e-mail asking if they have an update on the role.

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    Thanks for the input.

    Don't worry! I wasn't standing outside their offices in the rain staring in the window lol. I would never take that further than an email, and follow-up emails are rare on my part.

    I got a call from HR. There are several internal delays not related to this role. The person indicated they normally wouldn't update people during the process, but they would call me whatever happens. Thanks!

    But the HR person said something else. Since they seemed down-to-earth and honest, I revealed my pressure - I interviewed for other roles at the same time and while the position with them was my ideal, with a shaky market I'd have to consider other offers. Especially if I hadn't heard anything back, that is sensible. The person told me that if I get any offers - come back to them first. Interesting ...

    Regarding general interview frustrations - yes I saw a LinkedIn article early last year from a recruiter who complained about 'the rise of ghosting', after a good interview process, the candidate disappears. The absolute abuse they got in the comments with 100m examples of unprofessional behaviour from recruiters.

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    This happened to me recently with a multinational, too, for what I thought was my dream job. I did two interviews, having to deliver a 30 minute presentation in the second one to a rather intimidating panel of senior company members. They had loads of positive feedback the whole time - all smiles, telling me how impressive and relevant my experience was, what a great addition to the team I would make, thanking me for clear communication, etc etc. Some of the panel members added me on Linkedin so of course I was delighted with myself thinking I 100% had it in the bag.

    And then... they never got back to me! I've since secured a different job which I'm delighted with, so I'm not arsed trying to follow up at this point now months later. Seems like a bullet dodged! I can accept that the recruitment process is convoluted and sometimes takes a long time; but it's not right to ask candidates to take time preparing a 30 minute seminar if you're not even going to give them the courtesy of an update.