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Ducting pipe for pet radio fence

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    Have an awkward 90m section to install a pet radio fence. It's a 2-3m wide and mature brair ditch. Currently thinking 1/2inch black alky water pipe to protect the wire from damage an weather wildlife or garden tools. Access will be poor for any repairs required so keen to protect.

    20 gauge single core wire.

    yes pulling into pipe will be a pain but doable I think. Prefer this as will sit on ground easily and also no fear strimmer or wildlife damage. Worst case have to shorter sections.

    any better ideas?

    a 150m roll is about €60


  • That is quite a thin cable you are using. It will have very little mechanical strength. Maybe a heavier cross section would be better to avoid breaking it when you pull it through the piping.

  • It is thin alright. Went with the grade mfg supply. Will keep an eye on it and use some lube.

    no one screaming twill not work which is good 👍

  • Well it will work if you manage not to break the cable :D

  • Got fishing line in through with the dyson. Amazing really it went into near 120m of 1/2inch alkyl water pipe

    have a builders mason line pulled in now as well ready to pull the cable.

    fingers crossed next step goes as well

  • might be worth pulling through the fishing line with the cable just in case you need to pull another cable through in the future

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  • Pulled cable in this evening with no bother really. Did have a can of teflon dry lube and gave spool a spray of it but hardly needed it really. Did have advantage of a straight enough pipe and a sloping downhill.

    Just in the process of completing the boundary now which is a bit of effort yet.