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Tips for flying with toddler

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    We're flying to Spain with our 22 month old son in a few weeks and I'm looking for some tips on getting through the airport and the flight. Can you bring like premade sambos and cold pasta etc in your bag from home? We'll bring a tablet with cartoons on it and a bag full of games and books to keep him going. But any tips are welcome. Thanks in advance!


  • We just flew long haul with my 15month old and honestly the key to success was snacks! I have a great cabin pushchair so had that through the airport which kept her contained until I gave her a good run in the departure lounge.

    Food and drinks for little ones are allowed even if over 100ml (at Dublin airport anyway) I just alerted the security team to her lunchbag and they inspected it separately. I had yoghurts, drinks, pouches, pasta, fruit even some sausages from breakfast in and it was all fine.

    She still breastfeeds before naps so I had tried to plan around that - keeping her awake a lot longer than usual in the airport and then boob to sleep on takeoff and more boob on landing. My friends recommended a straw juicebox, dummy or bottles if not BF.

    Entertainment-wise, the whole being on a plane was fierce exciting and she inspected every inch of the seat, the window, the magazine and cards etc etc so my bag of games and books was only taken out after a few hours.

    Hope it all goes well for you!