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Doggie Job

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    The retriever had decided he was tired of getting up at 4 in the morning, and jumping into freezing water to bring shot ducks back to his master.

    He got the newspaper, and scanned the ‘help wanted’ ads.

    Seeing one for an office worker, he went to apply.

    Entering the office that had placed the ad, he dropped the paper on a desk, and put his paw on the ad.

    The first thing he had to do was keyboard on the computer.

    He did several flawless pages, at 75 words per minute.

    Next, he had to file.

    He put the whole ‘out’ basket in the various file folders.

    ”That’s mighty impressive,” the interviewer said, but the job requires all applicants to be bi-lingual.”

    The dog looked at her, and said “Meow!”