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First Goalscorer Multis

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    Something I've had a bit of success on over the past few years, including cleaning up at the recent Euros, is multi-bets of 1st goalscorers. I used to do €1 lucky 15s but the payout was pretty miserable unless you got 3 out of 4. I changed to €5 trixies (4 bets, so €20 outlay) and even picking 2 correct legs pays back nicely.

    I've had one bet where all 3 came in for over €1k, and a couple where the third leg was benched when the 1st goal was scored, making that selection void and, crucially, all multiples containing that selection pay out as singles or doubles.

    So the plan is to start with trixies and see how we go. €20 per week should cover it each week, with 38 weeks per season so possible total layout over the Premier League season of €760.

    I'll post here as often as I place a bet. The MO is to pick two pretty decent, regular scorers and another player who's good value or who is in good form.

    Week 1 selections

    Bamford (Utd vs Leeds) - 7/1

    Salah (Norwich vs Pool) - 21/10

    Vardy (Leicester vs Wolves) - 13/5

    Bamford was a 1st goal machine last year, especially against the traditional big 6. It always meant that he had good odds against them, so I'm hoping for big things this time around. Not overly happy with Salah's odds, to be honest but I think he's far and away the favourite to score 1st.

    Total outlay €20

    Total returned €0

    Profit -€20


  • 1 out of 3 ain't too bad, but gives no return financially. Leeds were pretty poor but at least Bruno Fernandes looks to be in fine form. Someone to keep an eye on next week.

  • wow, your chances are quite slim, even though you got a few up before, i would put that down to luck. I usually do a 5 euro lucky 15 made up of either both teams to score or mostly money on games like 5/6, 4/6, nothing crazy like liverpool or man city home etc, usually from the championship. I say 70% of the time all 4 wins, 3 will give you a small profit, 2 usually a loss of circa 25 - 30 euro, so far i only have had 1, 2 wins the rest 3 or 4. I think it is one of the most logical bets to do. Check the teams news and leave the bet until an hour before first kick off etc

  • week 2:

    €5 trixie

    Jota (Pool vs Burnley) - 9/2

    Bamford (Leeds vs Everton) - 4/1

    Bruno Fernandes (Southampton vs Utd) - 4/1

    Still a little early in the season, so no real standouts yet. Bruno is a bit of a no-brainer, and I was impressed with both of the other two in what I saw.

    Total outlay €40

    Total returned €0

    Profit -€40

  • Won a few quid during the week, so two entries this week:

    Antonio (16/5))

    Sterling (4/1

    Ings (13/5)


    Bamford (4/1)

    Son (3/1)

    Fernandes (4/1)

    Two X €5 trixie.

    Total outlay €49

  • Getting very close to hitting one of these, just need a couple of things to go my way. A lot of the picks have been anytime scorers on the days I've selected them, so a couple of bounces of the ball either way can help.

    Previous post should have stated €40 for the outlay, but this week's selections are:


    Jota and


    All three are 4/1, this being Bamford's last pick unless he gets in on the action.

    Total outlay €100

    Total returned €0

    Profit -€100

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  • Change of tactic this week. Going with my gut now that I've a better idea of who's playing well.

    Raphinha 15/2

    Son 4/1

    Aubameyang 9/2

    Total outlay €120

    Total returned €0

    Profit -€120

  • Ings 7/2

    Vardy 9/2

    Lukaku 13/5