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Forsa Income Protection Scheme, is it worth it

  • 13-08-2021 3:50pm
    Registered Users Posts: 14 Kitty2011

    I started in the Civil Service in Feb 19 and have been paying the Forsa Income Protections scheme as it was mentioned to me when I started and decided to start it up. Just wondering the wider view on this scheme though, do most Civil Servants now pay into this. Fingers crossed will never have to use it but am interested to hear peoples thoughts on this.


  • Registered Users Posts: 49 Aine1981

    Hey There. I personally think its a good insurance policy should you ever need it. I know 2 people that got sick in their early 30s and could no longer work and have a decent enough income from an income protection policy. They were private sector though. I had a critical illness policy (not exactly the same) years ago and got sick and got a lump sum payout and i have to say it was a seamless process especially when you not really thinking of that stuff at the time.

    I joined the CS last year and was finally able to sign up albeit with some exclusions due to my history but from someone that has been sick and the fear of what I would do if I could not work again i would recommend.

    However, that said. I would say chat to Forsa/Cornmarket again and get them to run through it with you to ensure you are still happy with it.

    I think of it like this - we insure our cars, houses, health but should we not insure our income… Can we live off illness benefit?

  • Registered Users Posts: 14 Kitty2011

    Thanks for this, yes I agree with u. Better to have you never know whats around the corner. Had heard that they were very slow to pay out but obviously thats not the case.