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Fuel Additive Control Module

  • 13-08-2021 1:29pm
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    I am looking at a Mazda 3 2008 that has the eolys DPF system. This is the same as a Ford Focus. I am getting an error P2584 - Fuel Additive Control Module MIL Request and U0118 - Lost Communication With FACM. The engine management light is on.

    The fluid is in the tank and full as I topped it up to see. I have disconnect the FACM unit and it give the same error back so I am thinking the FACM is faulty. The fuse is fine.

    Anyone know if this is a common fault (FACM) for these eloys based DPF fluid system or have an experience with these error message.




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    I am not sure on error code, but I used windows software on a laptop with a 10 euro USB odb adapter to speak to my 2007 Mazda 1.6 diesel to tell the car the tank has been refilled.

    The software is called forscan and it's free for all but advanced key coding etc.

    Here is a link to a similar thread on the forscan forum. The software is mainly for ford's, but Mazda too. It works great.

    I am not sure any of this fixes your problem. Replacing the module might not work if it needs coding to link to the exact car.

    Another option is total DPF delete services. They hide all error codes, remove the dpf and no additive needed. I ended up doing this on my 2007 Mazda 1.6 diesel around 160,000km as the dpf was worm out and blocked with soot. Mapping out the dpf also prevented any additive needed and as the additive and dpf systems are linked it's likely even if you fixed the additive it likely your dpf may be near end if life and the fact you are probably driving around without the additive system working the dpf may not be working correctly either.

    Those services typically cost around 500 euro. In theory the car should fail the NCT but they hide the fact that the dpf is removed and it looks like it's in place with no error lights. It also helps increase engine reliability as worn dpfs can give back pressure to engine and contaminate the oil causing premature engine and turbo failures.

    If I was in your position and if the dpf had never been replaced that's the route I would go.

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    Cheers for the comments. That is what I use to read the ECU (Forscan). I don't have an issue with the DPF but it is just those errors. The DPF is doing what it is supposed to so will leave it as is.

    Sometimes the error disappears and then it is back. It nearly sounds like a bad connection

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    Why NCT allows that kind of modifications? No DPF must be instant FAIL. DPF can last easily +300k if car owners use the car properly. Just drive, drive, drive and you never have a DPF problems. If you can not drive, buy electric

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    I'm pretty sure that's what everyone should be doing (and would be, except for the small matter of finding €40'000 + for an EV. )

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    Just for anyone with the same issue, changed the fuel additive control module under the back seat and the issue is fixed.

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