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Hyundai i30 - missing turbo clamp not available on its own?

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    Registered Users Posts: 544 ✭✭✭ dooroy

    My daughter has a 2011 Hyundai i30 1.6 dsl.

    Recently the EML came on - scanned - P0229 indicating turbo underboost.

    Checking over pipes etc discovered that a clamp joining the exhaust side of the turbo to the inlet /intake side was missing completely allowing exhaust gases to escape - the likely cause of the underboost ?

    Rang Hyundai dealer to be told clamp was only available fitted to new turbo.🤬

    Rang a turbo centre today to be told the same thing. 🤬

    Googled the problem and it seems some kia ceeds had experienced the same problem - clamp had vanished.

    Posting here in the hope that someone on the forum may have come across this problem - and may know where a clamp may be obtained.

    Otherwise I will have to try to 'fabricate' some type of clamp - but there isn't a 'lip' all the way around and there are 'flats' in two places so the clamp would have to be quite specific.

    Any suggestions greatly appreciated.