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My 43 year old vintage quartz is out of spec.

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    If quartz or vintage quartz does not ring your bell, move along please.

    I purchased a Grand quartz , twin quartz by Seiko recently. As I liked the idea of owning something that was bleeding edge technology for it's time. I think it's cleverly designed and well put together, there is craft here. It was cheap, 1/10th of its new price, even less you inflation adjust. It still works albeit not as well as it once did.

    My 14 day measurement has it's accuracy at +10 seconds per month.

    It was originally specified at +/- 10 seconds per year, on the condition it being worn. I'm awaiting a Hirsch strap so I can wear it. With the increase in temperature the rate may shift in the right direction, I'll see if I can find the coefficient.

    It does have a mechanism to adjust the rate, that may be the source of the increased error rather than aging of the crystal. To regulate, a frequency counter with reference time base would be needed. There are 31536000 seconds in a year, this watch is counting to 31536120 for the year. To regulate myself would take a few months of trial and error, and is only worth doing if the rate is stable and it hasn't aged outside the correction band. It could also be faulty, running on one crystal instead of both.