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Trim to Dublin commute

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    How many of you do it? It's it to much?

    We're looking around the Trim area for property to buy. Both of us work in Dublin and birth is us will be hydride, her more at home than myself more than likely.


  • Depends on where in Dublin to a large extent, and whether or not you have a car. South city centre a bit of a pain to get to, whereas north city is a lot less hassle. That's a Dublin city issue though rather than a Trim commute issue.

    Options are to drive (leave early), bus (111 to Busaras, I think one of them crosses the city to south city in the morning and one back in the evening), or drive to M3 Parkway and train from there to Docklands. Clonee to Blanch on N3 is a traffic blackspot if you hit it too late (7am onwards really).

    I did it twice a week to south city centre pre-covid, and it was ok. Wouldn't like to do it 5 days a week. Just doing one day a week in the office now.

    Like a say it makes a big difference where you are in the city, I used to be based near Phibsboro and it was a much better commute (40 to 45 mins typically). Crossing the city by car or bus is a complete pain, no matter where you are coming from/going to.