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Plumbers in the 21st century!

  • 06-08-2021 2:14am
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    Generally have good rapport with all tradesmen...ring tradesman explain problem, tradesman arrives, fixes problem job done quickly following initial visit...

    Earlier this year called a plumber who arrived promptly and fixed problem, shortly another issue arose, he came out had a look and after me ringing and texting for a week he came back and sorted it out, all good and I paid him.

    Shower breaks down so I rang him he texted back that he would arrive the next day, he didn't. I left messages on his phone but never heard from him....assume he got a bigger job and left me with my small job...

    Then a tap in kitchen seizes..(lots of plumbing issues this year)....left message with plumber, but no reply ..I got a number for another plumber. This plumber arrives July 12th, starts job 1(install new sink and tap) leaves 2 hours later, saying he'll return next day....he doesn't, but I ring him and he gives some excuse, but returns two days later and finishes job, but doesn't even start job 2.

    Following a number of phone calls where he gives days when he'll return but doesn't he finally returns 10 day later to start job 2(install new shower and also service boiler) done, all good, despite delay I'm happy....then a day later water leaking downstairs from plumber....3 days later he comes over has a look and leaves, he reckons there is leak in waste pipe but doesn't have snake to check it out...again following phone calls where he says he's coming but never does he finally arrives a week later(yesterday), to confirm that yes it is wastepipe issue, and and that he'll need to get a part, so off he goes to hardware store but doesn't return....ring him again, apparently he's coming on Monday(August 9th)....

    Never issues with electrician, handyman or painter, is this the norm for plumbers.....


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    What do you think? That there's a module on phase 4 Block release on how to ghost customers?

    Any sort of behaviour like this isn't trade specific, it's human nature and when things get busy, the first thing to go for many is making the effort to engage professionally with potential or actual clients.

    Is very frustrating alright though. I had similar with (a plumber) and a general handyman in trying to get them to look at some issues on my house as I am out of the country.