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Godfather Present

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    I will become Godfather for my mates kid soon. What is typical as far as presents to the kid/family go?


  • It can really vary.

    Mine are family members so they got "abit extra" than the rest, so a bigger/more expensive birthday/Christmas present. Extra cash at communion and confirmation.

    So if you were my child's godfather I wouldn't be expecting anything more than a birthday/Christmas present for the child.

    A nice gesture would be volunteering babysitting services to allow parents to go out for dinner or even a nice lunch. I'd love that to happen even once a year with mine 🤣

  • I'll have to get on top of that soon but am more looking at the baptism itself and what should I bring on the day in terms of a gift. What is the standard thing to do in these situations? Talk me out of showing up with a Liverpool jersey for the kid:)

  • As regards a nice and appropriate present, I like the idea of a coin set for the year of birth. The central bank does a baby presentation pack every year.

  • Try Newbridge can get a scroll holder and get name and date engraved.

    Or there's Christening sets you can get.

    It depends on what the couple are into, some people are big into display cases and having momentos, others not so much.

    The Liverpool kit might be more appreciated.

  • Id say the Liverpool Jersey even for something from you to the child.. Do not go too overboard with stuff a lot of it just ends up being given back as gifts to others.. The coin is a nice thought of maybe write a letter of what your intentions are as the godfather..

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