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Mix of Boneyard and Working Stuff

  • 05-08-2021 7:54pm
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    Before being asked, only looking for Cash as I am out of the sport not interested in Trade.


    • I have a KWA Glock 18c, the slide locked solid while shooting it last un-able to rack the slide. The magazine is in perfect condition and holds gas well, this was shooting 280-300 FPS, before it broke had a crazy hard kick and shooting full auto just brought a tear to your eye - €50
    • WE 1911 had it a few years has issues with mag dumping after a few shots, 2 magazines still hold gas fine. was shooting at 250 fps solid - €50
    • Unknown brand steel Lugar, has a leaky mag, and needs a new pin to hold in place. The last time I used it at a game, it fired a few shots and then it went full auto before the pin that holds the slide on got lost in a field, the craziest thing you could ever feel when shooting it. was shooting around 280 fps last time tested before - €40
    • AGM M4 The Gears are sized, I think I over lubed it, ended up taking most of the parts off it for old projects gamed a few times, was tested at just under 300fps - €50
    • Unknown brand m14 Project gun, Have no clue, was given it as trade along time ago and never did anything with it. Have no mags or anything for it was told shot at around 260-280 fps when I got it - €25
    • Cyma Ak47, Gearbox exploded, body can be used on a new build, missing upper gas block, has the high cap magazine - €25


    • WELL R4 plastic/metal inbox with multiple magazines around 280fps - €100
    • ASG Styer Aug A1 with 1 mag, never gamed was just kept as a decorative piece since day bought was tested in MIA at 300-305 fps - €150
    • M9 Special forces, Im not sure the brand just says Maid in Taiwan, full steel was gamed once I loved it to much to bring it out again, the selector broke off on the right side from the glove, but it's ambidextrous so didn't matter. Kicks hard and sounds beautiful, comes in hard case mag doesn't leak, shoots at 230 fps - €100


    12 x Mid Cap mags - €50

    2 x Nigh Cap Mags - €20

    Mix of batteries - 3x 1500 Long, 2 x 1600, Unkown battery and 1 x 1100 - €60

    6 x reguarl chargers, 1x Smart Charger new in box, 2 connectors from Big type to small - €60

    Willing to make a cash deal on the lot if you come collect, can have the lot for €700 Cash

    again not interested in trades


    The only thing I don't have is pictures of the m14, Lugar and 1911 I need to do that later

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