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How to upskill and keep your CV relevant as an accountant

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    I'm a CIMA qualified management accountant who has only worked in professional services firms (non accounting practice). The industries I have worked in have been Irish owned traditional small-medium size firms with little need for CRM systems or high tech solutions.

    I am considering my next career move, ideally to a more dynamic industry and realise I will need to try and make my CV more appealing to these industries and get some exposure and working knowledge of new systems in a higher tech space.

    Currently I don't have the time for high level qualifications but would be looking for any recommendations for how to get experience with the likes of Oracle/ other CRM systems. Also if anyone has recently done any courses that they feel have been beneficial to keep up with trends and assisted with career progression I'd love to hear them.



  • What skills are they looking for on

    Google 'mooc platforms' when you decide on what to learn and find the course that appeals to you.

    I'm finishing up my chartered accountancy exams now so interested to know what kind of jobs were you typically working on for these SMEs?