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Do I start with an architect, engineer of a general contractor?

  • 03-08-2021 7:26pm
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    I have a three-story townhouse that needs serious reconfiguration and remodeling that will most likely require removal of walls, moving kitchen and living from ground to middle floor, and some other major and probably complex changes. My question is where do I start and should I first talk to architects, engineers, or general contractors? What is the best advice here as when this hopefully happens I need all key people to work well with one another and my preference is to really only deal with the GC but I also want the design to be right so the choice of architect will be very important? It seems logical that I start with an architect but worried that there are serious structural considerations that the design could be bound to so engineering may need to be involved from the start? Also is it normal to interview architects and get some preliminary ideas and thoughts from each before making a decision?

    Thank you!


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    IMO if you have a very good idea of what design you want then go with engineer. If you are looking for inspiration go with an architect. Based on changes described you may need planning permission.

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    Do not start with a contractor. You risk being eaten alive.