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Career change?

  • 03-08-2021 2:40pm
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    I would be really happy to receive some advice...I have a BA in History & Religious Studies (first class with honours). My plan was originally to do the postgrad primary teacher education diploma but I moved to Ireland right after my degree (I studied in the UK). I am working now in childcare since 4 years (I have a level 6) and to be honest, I would be very happy about a change!

    I don't speak Irish, so I cannot do the primary teaching course in Ireland and going back to the UK is not an option (I am from Europe). I have been reading about the situation of secondary school History/Religion teachers and it doesn't look good.

    I guess a master would be the way to go but I am very unsure in what...I cannot afford to move to Dublin, and both my partner and I prefer living in a small town so I feel a bit limited (a postgrad in all other cities would be fine though as long as not all the jobs are there).

    My interests are, well, my subjects, Psychology, Biology, Animals, Wildlife, Nature Protection, Literature and Art.

    If anyone has some advice for me, I would be glad!


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    I'd advise against doing a masters if you don't know what you want to do with it.

    I know a few people who stayed in academia to do Masters/PhDs, only to find that it didn't really give them much of an edge in getting employment compared to people with Bachelor degrees. In some areas, and for some specific jobs, a postgrad is a necessity, but I think you should have a specific end-goal in mind before you commit to further education.