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NCS explanation please

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    Hi, I've heard of the ECCE and that means my son can get 2 free years of pre school. I've put his name down for a pre school which he will start in September 2022, when he's almost 3. He'll be 3 in November.

    He's 20 months old now and a friend of mine said she qualified for the NCS award for her son to go to creche. This means the creche fees are massively reduced for her. I think we might qualify for this. But I don't know much about the NCS scheme. Can someone explain it to me in simple terms? If I do qualify for it and use it, would this affect the 2 free years of pre school we hope to avail of in September 2022? Thanks in advance!


  • It has no bearing on your child's two free years of ECCE. That's its own separate entity of any reductions you get via the NCS - those 15 hours are free, regardless of what kind of awarded subsidy you get.. They have a website with a reasonable good FAQ that you could read through. The short and skinny is that depending on your current circumstances (if your working, is your other half (if applicable) is working, the hours, your income etc). are taking into account into putting together an hourly rate that you can avail of subsidised childcare. Their website also has a subsidy calculator you can use to get a rough idea for how much you could be awarded. Check out the site for more and I believe they have helplines you can ring to get more info -