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Started job - have major doubt

  • 02-08-2021 3:49pm
    Registered Users Posts: 43 chrisfroome

    I would like your opinion. I was made redundant in April. I started work with a North American start-up company last month. The company is recruiting too quickly and the scaling up is causing massive problems. My gut feeling was one of doubt but I decided to give it a try for a month.

    The main problem is that all my colleagues are in Toronto and I don't have contact to the few other Irish based colleagues in Ireland as they are all in sales and I am in collections. Also I have noticed that the market I was recruited for has been delayed as they don't know how to enter the market in question so I am working in an area which is very much like "payday loans" for the UK market. This is an area I worked in 15 years ago and Christ it is stressful because most people are non contactable or just don't give a s**t. While my manager is a nice guy, I have realized that it is very micro-managed with results on very much everything you do. That they have recruited me feels like the "cart before the horse".

    I feel drained, stressed out & not motivated. When problems arise in the mornings, there is nobody to turn to until mid-afternoon when the Canadian's turn up. Financially the job pays well but I have been approached to work part-time for a job that I really enjoy and I have my house rented out for good money. Also I have other things in the pipeline so am in no rush.

    I don't want to put something on my CV or Linkedin when I feel that I will not stay there. I am going to have a difficult conversation with my manager and advise him I am quitting as I feel that it is not working out. I get the feeling that staying would only delay the inevitable.



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    You have options, and are going to use the. Good - it certainly sounds like the best decision.

    As I'm sure you know,tax rules here mean that part time isn't much worse than full time in terms of income.

    Enjoy your free time! ( yup I'm jealous :-) )

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    Sounds like you're not happy, if it's financially viable to go for the other job then go for it.