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Register as sole trader and earning €0, ok?

  • 29-07-2021 3:18pm
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    Hi guys I am a fulltime paye worker and want to register as a sole trader as I have the option for some casual work with a company. I want to stay above board.

    The thing is I may do 1 shift or none at all, so from an income tax return point of view, is there any negatives to returning €0 at the end of year, will i be flagged for investigation? As i genuinely may not take any additional work but would like the option too.



  • Registered Users Posts: 958 ✭✭✭ Stratvs

    What is going to make you a sole trader ? If you are talking about “casual work” and “shift” are you supplying labour only to one place ? If so then you are most likely an employee not self-employed. Just because the work is casual doesn’t make it a self-employment. You can have more than one employer and divide credits etc between them to suit the situation.

    Also even if you are considered to be self-employed you can earn up to €5,000 in non-PAYE income in a year and still have the tax on that handled via PAYE returns. It’s not necessary to separately register for Income Tax.

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    a decent few paye employees create a sole trade out of nothing to claim expenses and a case 1 loss to use. (which revenue do go after)

    your chance of revenue query does increase.

    if you're not earing money, why bother?

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    Cheers for the response so far. Without getting into specifics my qualifications allow me to do freelance and seasonal work in the private and events sector. The idea behind registering would enable me to take up offers of employment across the numerous companies offering the same service as a contractor.