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Simpsons HEEPS - Sign Up Thread (Reveal 14th/15th August)

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    Lets give nuBoards another game and see can we keep things rollin, rollin, rollin...

    Our topic for this game will be The Simpsons - America's greatest TV Family!!

    In this game, the most popular answer scores 0. If the most popular answer is tied, they each score 0.

    2nd most popular answer is the HEEP and if you find a heep, you gain bonus points. Heep score is worth 1.5 x value.

    All other scores gain the 1 x value.

    So are you a Simpsons Addict? Think you know the show better than anyone else? Let's find out.

    Executive Producer of Questions: Baggly

    1.      Name a member of the Simpson Family

    2.      Name a Simpsons pet

    3.      Name a type of Duff beer

    4.      Name a ride at Itchy & Scratchy Land

    5.      Name one of Homer’s jobs

    6.      Name a city in the US the Simpsons have visited

    7.      Name a foreign country the Simpsons have visited

    8.      Name a member of the Italian Mafia in Springfield

    9.      Name a business owner in Springfield

    10.  Name a resident of the Springfield Retirement Castle

    11.  Name a Springfield celebrity

    12.  Name a teacher from Springfield Elementary

    13.  Name a Springfield bully

    14.  Name a member of the Springfield Police

    15.  Lenny or Carl?

    Please send your answers via PM and we will have a rip roaring reveal come the weekend of the 14th/15th August.