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Another Child Abuse Scandal - UK Lambeth Council

  • 29-07-2021 12:36pm
    Registered Users Posts: 2,298 ✭✭✭ donaghs

    Another scandal in the news this week. This one is different from the typical Irish ones as it involves a UK Labour dominated council, Lambeth in South London.

    I can't help making comparison between what happened with the Catholic Church (similarities/differences), and within these institutions.

    ‘Like hell’: what former Lambeth children’s home residents told abuse inquiry | UK child abuse inquiry | The Guardian

    Hundreds of children abused while in care of Lambeth council, inquiry finds | UK child abuse inquiry | The Guardian

    Horrible stories. But what stands out from this is the remarkably similarity to the Islington children's homes scandal which broke in the early 90s.

    Hodge's history bites back | Politics | The Guardian

    Another London Labour Council with a hard-left edge. E.g. then head Margaret Hodge flew a red flag from council HQ and had a bust of Lenin on her desk.

    The Guardian quotes the 1995 report on Islington: " 'It is apparent... that the London Borough of Islington did not in most cases undertake the standard investigative processes that should have been triggered whenever they occurred.' Most seriously, it also slammed an equal opportunities policy that was political correctness gone mad, where the investigation of people from gay or ethnic backgrounds was blocked. "

    The Guardian is willing to quote this from the recent report on Lambeth: "The report is scathing of what it calls the “progressive” leftwing culture of the council in the 1980s. “Many councillors and staff purported to hold principled and beliefs about tackling racism and promoting equality but in reality they failed to apply these principles to children in their care.”"

    Another thing which really stands out from both scandal is the huge amount of Paedophiles who were working in childrens services in both councils. Almost in every location where they provided these services. Liz davies who was the main Islington whistleblower: "This place 114 Grosvenor Avenue, which was a children’s home, one of the 12 children’s homes in Islington and there were abusers in every single one of them."

    In Lambeth, the Shirley Oaks home was full of these scum. Literally "hell" as described in the articles.

    You can see why people go down conspiracy rabbit-holes when confronted by these revelations.

    I guess the lesson here is that these monsters exist everyone, left, right, religious, secular etc. Wearing the clothes of "progressivism" and signaling that one holds all the current opinions does not necessarily make one a good person. And that "protect the institution", similarly covers all identities.

    This segment from 1987 American TV, CBS "60 Minutes", provides some context on the Left-wing councils of the 80s. The huge focus they gave to battling the Thatcher government, and fringe issues like heterosexism etc. CBS 60 Minutes - The Loony Left (1987) - YouTube

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