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Future Proofing Fridge Freezer Size in New Kitchen

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    Registered Users Posts: 5 DJ Wilson

    Hi All,

    We are trying to decide on best non-integrated fridge freezer size, in width, to get for new house build.

    This is for a one wall kitchen with island (sink and dishwasher will be in island), so the width of the fridge determines the remaining size of base cabinets etc along the wall we are working with!

    We want to future proof this so that if the fridge had to be replaced etc. we could replace old with new without having to alter cabinet size.

    i know the standard fridge freezer width's are 60cm, 70cm, 90cm and up for American Fridges etc.

    We were leaning towards a fridge freezer of 70cm, as we don't have a requirement for the 90cm size and up, but somebody had mentioned to us that the 70cm width fridges are likely to be discontinued in the near future.

    Does anyone know if this is correct?

    Thanks in advance!


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