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Movie listed on Prime Video app but not on Smart TV (Samsung QLED)

  • 26-07-2021 3:49pm
    Registered Users Posts: 879 ✭✭✭ ifconfig

    Has anyone come across this sort of issue ?

    A movie named "Ides of March" :

    According to justwatch for .ie region it should be part of Prime Video.

    I am a subscriber to Prime Video.

    The movie shows up when I search on my Prime Video smartphone app and it will stream.

    On my Smart TV (Samsung Q80 49 inch QLED) it is not showing up when I do a search "Ides of March" or "The Ides of March" from within the Prime Video App on the smart tv.

    A more global search for the title from the Smart TV's own search feature seems to bring it up as available on Prime Video but when I click to launch that from the Smart tv search results, it launches Prime Video and comes up with an error .

    Series and other bundled movies are working fine within the Smart TV hosted app but I am sure it is not just this title that might be going wonky.

    It was a random movie I was looking for last night just as I wanted to explore Philip Seymour Hoffman on cast in earlier movies.

    Seems very weird to me.

    My region should now be Ireland. At one point it may have been set to UK but changed once Brexit and Parcel Motel went away.

    Not sure if that has any influence on it...