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[WANTED] Games for Atari XEGS,Apple IIe, Aquarius + others

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    ITEM: Games for Atari XEGS,Apple IIe, Aquarius + others


    PRICE: Not sure

    PAYMENT METHODS: Paypal\Revolut

    So I am after games/software to test some computers I got recently, what I need is

    An Atari Xegs cart, any will do.

    Aquarius cart anything.

    Apple IIe software anything.

    Acorn Electron cartridge any.

    Acorn Archimedes software anything.

    Atari 7800 cart any.

    Oric 48k specific software.

    Master System game anything cheap.

    Sharp Mz80 specific software any cassette and floppy.

    Sord M23 software any.

    Happy to pay fair price or trade for some of my bits https://www.adverts.ie/dashboard

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