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Office attire


  • I'm wfh because of the pandemic but before hand I was in casual enough office.

    I'd wear patterned trousers and a plain blouse or jeans and a no sleeve top (not like a vest top something a bit more formal) and sandals. My work uniform was generally jeans/boots and some form of jumper etc so I stuck along those lines.

    I'd imagine if its a more formal office a dress would be airy and cool.

  • Most of us women in the office are currently wearing dresses, great for every shape,

  • I'm wfh too at the moment but my office would be more formal than Aisling's, jeans aren't allowed. I usually wear a pair of slim black trousers (like these) and pair it with anything tidy, like a blouse or a good-quality 3/4 sleeve top, or a light sleeveless top like this. I'm not super fashionable and I'd like to start dressing a bit better, but for a core work wardrobe it's very reliable for different scenarios and on the occasion I have to go a bit more formal, a blazer easily ups it to business wear.

  • Well according to this article, we should all be going around wearing cotton sacks by the looks of things:

    I (male) personally am looking forward to smartening up and getting the suit back on. I've missed my ties. 😄 I did buy a snazzy pair of Grenson shoes in April LAST YEAR and have yet to wear them.

  • Our office for the summer was dresses and heels, or linen trousers and shirts. For the winter it moves to dresses with tights and boots or dark trousers and shirts. Lots of Penny's Dunne's Zara H&M M&S Pamela Scott and a huge lot of SheIn too.

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