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Amazon New World

  • 24-07-2021 10:31pm
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    Click Notifications, Find one from Gaming General, Click on it , Scroll to the top, Click gaming General. taa daa gaming forum.

    Anyway enough about how much effort it took to post this thread that probably already exists but cant be searched for.

    Got it earlier as the guys I play with actually like it and its fun, like an MMO lite if such a thing exists. Runs well no issues with servers yet (playing on US east cos they are ).

    Not a big MMO fan so unsure if I will still play it when it comes out and we get wiped but from a non MMO player its not bad I guess.

    Only issue I would have is during combat Block takes an age to register, its not input lag I think the animation from my previous move lags a little.


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    omg new boards... Thought I'd double posted but it edited out both...

    I'll try again... It's a simple enough game. Does the job for me for now. FPS is a bit of an issue though.

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    Yeah i've really enjoyed the beta love the crafting system.

    Stopped playing at level 30 as didn't want to over do it before the wipe looking forward to getting stuck into it at full release

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    ** I have never really played an MMO, ESO and Black Desert I tried but got bored, MHW, Destiny 2 and ED are imo not technically MMOs

    Played a bit more it has PVP issues imo but thats mainly because I do play fighting games and know that blocking is key to winning a fight, I am level 25 and use Sword/Shield, Light armour and a bow.

    I am somehow in a guild with a few hundred players and we give 2 lads stuff and they make us better stuff.

    Things I like:


    Everything is clearly explained and makes sense to me an idiot who doesnt play MMOs. hence calling it a MMO lite above, it can get deep but it all makes sense.


    It makes sense everything is clearly explained without needing to alt out of the game to find silver or whatever, you may need to level a few different things to make a bag that carries more **** but its all explained and makes sense.


    Well you do a lot of these and go to X and then back to X quite a lot, all quests must be turned in from where ever you get them so quite a lot of walking but you can do "passive" quests whilst walking, kill 25 bunnies etc


    Its quite good, would like a lock on option for Zelda type fighting but thats the single player in me, each weapon is a class of sorts and you can play whatever way you want just by picking a different weapon:

    PVE the enemies altho look slightly different are basically the same, you can fight mobs on your own because you know what each one is going to do, a parry system would be awesome.....again SP player. Certain enemies of a higer level you just the nope the **** away, there are certain boss types that if they have "slayer" I the name do not fight head on, they have a forward facing AOE that will make you not have a good time. Overall PVE whislt can get chaotic in a group (you can squad up with 4 others) it kinda fun.

    PVP I really really like the PVP in this, you turn it on/off in a settlement then 30 secs after you leave, you are a target in a target rich enviroment. You can gank or be ganked but there is no penalty to death other than a respawn. The combat is meatier than vs PVE and you can beat a small group on your own regardless of level, THIS NEEDS TO STAY AS IS...Skill vs level should always win ( I dont watch other people playing video games but believe some of these people want the scaling changed so they can thwomp lower level players ) Last night I killed 2 level 40 players with a bow (mostly) then sword to finish. Its very satisfying to play PVP but if you come across a group, you gonna have a bad time.

    Elite Dungeons/Corrupted/Expeditions

    I believe MMO players call this stuff end game content to get better ****, this needs to be scaled in some way, we brought 2 groups of 5 into an Elite Dungeon ( I dont think you can do this in expeditions 5 players only) with 4 healers we thwomped the living **** out of everything in the elite dungeon/corrupted thingies.

    Things I dont like but not being an MMO player I may be wrong.

    The blocking thingie, you can block every attack but there is a lag between your last hit and the block kicking in, so you can 2 hit something then block because you know whats coming but there is a delay and you take a hit, I may be playing this wrong as the guild people dont understand/get what I am saying. In Streetfighter we have cancel and super cancel, in this game if you do a 2 fast hit there is a strong 3rd hit afterwards (a combo of sorts) when you hit the 2nd hit you can block but there is a delay where PVE or PVP can hit you altho the animation isnt visual you take damage. As most PVP players are using Hammer/Axe/Spear I need to get around them and hit them quickly then back away and hit them with the bow specials. This block thingie is killing


    There are factions and companies(guilds) and you can take over areas on your server by killing the other companies in wars, this makes sense but how it works is not great so my company can pay to start a war for our faction but we may not get to actually fight in it 😬

    When a Faction goes to war in a Territory, a Company that has contributed at least 10% of the total influence required to throw the territory into conflict is chosen through a lottery system to become the Vanguard. If more than one Company declares War on the same territory during conflict, the most active Companies in the influence race have a higher chance of being selected as the Vanguard. In the unlikely event that no Company contributes over 10%, any Company will be eligible to declare War. The Governor of the Vanguard may select members of that company to participate in 50v50 combat. If there are insufficient numbers in a Company to fill out the ranks of the Vanguard, the Governor may choose from anyone in the Faction, or from volunteers from the third Faction.

    This is stupid we believed we had the threshold for the war with monies (you pay to start a war) and missions but another company got the Vanguard and got slaughtered in the 50vs50 war, I believe you can only have one war per day so stupid greens own our fort, we can take it back during the day with a sort of conqust cap the flag but I believe only a war makes it yours again.

    I could be wrong on a lot of stuff there. But yeah its a good game and worth a purchase, some things are tedious but I believe thats normal in MMOS like catching 3 legendary fish type stuff.