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Endocrinologist appointments

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    I am wondering how much does it cost to see an Endocrinologist in Ireland? From looking online, there is many “UPMC Endocrinologists” but wondering is there a fee to see them? Does having a medical card help? Thanks!


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    If you have a medical card you normally access an Endocrinologist via the public system. Free but up to a 2 year wait for the initial appointment unless it occurs as part of being a hospital in-patient.

    To see a private Endocrinologist the prices can vary with the usual format being an initial consultation in the range of €150-€250, along with paying for any tests ordered, follow up consultations would range in the €150 ballpark but can be higher.

    It would also require your GP to refer to either public or private service. If you have an illness that you feel requires an Endo consult?

    1st port of call should be your GP who can arrange any testing and often even diagnose the vast majority of illnesses with those results before referring you on for further care or investigation.

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    Thanks for your reply. I’ll look at things with my GP first and go from there.

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    banie01 covered the path to seeing an endocrinologist perfectly, just thought I'd mention in my own case (Thyroid/Graves Disease ) almost 4 years now, my GP initially felt there was issues of concern based on blood work, she requested an ultrasound scan which confirmed enlarged Thyroid, it was only a matter of weeks before I saw an endocrinologist. I am a public patient with full medical card.

    I reiterate my initial referral was 4 years ago and waiting lists had reduced. I normally see endocrinologist at his clinic every 3/6 months but Covid-19 has meant all consults are by telephone and have been for 16 months. Based on this the wait depending on symptoms, Gp"s concerns may be long, private less but I've heard waiting list for private consultation also long most specialties . Good luck regardless.

    Is maith an scáthán súil charad.

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