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Hyundai i30 2010 door lock actuator

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    Hi, I'm trying to replace a rear door lock actuator on a 2010 Hyundai i30. I'm stuck trying to remove the inside part of the door handle, which you have to get off to remove the cable that is attached to the actuator. There is a bolt through the door that needs to be loosened but it is just spinning together with the insert that it goes through. I've tried prying and using a screwdriver on the threads from behind but no luck so far. Has anyone worked on these and know if there is any alternative or if these bolts should be removable? Maybe there is a way to get the cable out of the handle without taking it off? Any video I've watched they just remove this bolt without any issues.Not sure why mine is different. I tried the other door just to check and it does the same. Thanks.


  • To answer my own question, yes, you can disconnect the cable from the handle while it is still attached quite easily. Re-attaching a cable is lot trickier but not impossible. I've done it twice now. Once to put in the replacement part, and then again to put the original back when I realised there are different versions of the actuator and the replacement I have is the wrong one.

    The correct way to do things is to detach the inner part of the exterior handle and undo the bolts holding the actuator. You can then lift out the entire mechanism with the inner metal panel that the window regulator is attached to.