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Sunshine SHEEP

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    It's too hot right now, but when all this is said and done, we might enjoy a Sunshine SHEEP of memories!

    I haven't a notion about making this work, so let's fix that by diving in at the deep end! 😉

    Usual SHEEP rules; the most popular answer is your aim, google is allowed, PM me your answers (no need to include the prompts and don't post them on thread).

    10 Warm and wonderous choices

    Please choose:

    A Mediterranean island

    A Mediterranean resort (not an island)

    A Canary Island

    An Emirate

    An Irish county for a sun staycation

    A desert

    An ice cream/ice pop to cool you down

    A lake to dip your feet in (water safety first please folks)

    A beach to chill on

    A drink to refresh with

    Closing and reveal: after Welcome Baa-ck Sheep and KangaWho! 😁