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Ciano Emotions PRO 120

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    Hi All

    Following on from an earlier thread where I was looking to get a Juwel vision 260 .

    However when I shopped around ,they are not to be had .

    My LFS (in Cork ) that used to get them in said because of Brexit they are not bringing them in any more .

    They have replaced the Juwels  with a brand call Ciano . (I never heard of them myself )

    They are cheaper than Juwel by a good bit . I believe they are a Portuguese company .

    Has anyone experience of this tank   - would the quality be as good as a Juwel ?




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    Hi , saw your comment on a thread I started. I have asked for that thread to be removed as it was a bit unfair on the product.I wasnt correctly advised on usage by the shop, a miscommunication about use of a heater different from the one provided.

    My model is the ciano 80. I previously had a juwell 180.I suppose the size difference between the two means Im not comparing like with like ,but heres my general thoughts. Imo the c80 is decent for the money but is a bit more fiddly than the juwell. Both models have a box/housing inserted where you put the heater/filter, The juwell one is more sturdy and more discreetly positioned in the tank, although with the Ciano you have two options for positioning the box , or you can just take it out and use a more compact set up(the juwell ones are siliconed to the tank wall permanently). I had more peace of mind with the juwell box, the Ciano one to me ,seems like it can move ever so slightly even when fully 'secured' to the tank wall ,which could trap very small fish behind it. The 120 might employ a sturdier housing unit though. The Ciano tank itself is quite good ,nothing flimsy about its construction.

    Hood /lights are ok , basically an LED strip type. Be careful to turn them off if you need to fully open the hood. They are harsh on the eyes when you lift the lid as they shine directly into your face. The Juwell model allowed me to just half open the hood , for the the purposes of tank maintenance. So overall , I suppose you get what you pay for,I wouldve preferred to buy a juwell but I was on a tight budget.

    Good luck with the fishkeeping

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    Thanks teddyhead ,good to hear first hand . Did yours come with a cabinet . I would be interested in hearing what their quality is like

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