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Why has baby formula increased in price recently?

Best Answer

  • There's huge problems with supply of pretty much everything at the moment which is leading in price increases across all sections of retail. I know it from a totally different angle (different items) but from talking to the supply manager he said all companies are dealing with the same. It's a perfect storm of Brexit, the Suez canal blockage (btw some things still have not reached destinations after that) and Covid having closed factories etc that's leading to a shortage of raw materials and finished goods.

    I'd say that's leading to a large part of price increases at the moment.


  • Not sure why but I am expecting again after a 9 year gap and went looking at the prices of infant formula yesterday in Tesco.

    Prices range from €11.25 SMA (white box not the regular sma) to €14.29 Aptimal.

    Other brands were closer to Aptimal price.

    Aldi and Tesco are identical in price for Aptimal.

  • Noticed the price has increase alright since my last child 3 years ago. Pretty sure I paid 13 euro something then and it's €14.29 now for aptamil 1. Maybe price of ingredients/shipping has gone up?

    The normal formula price is regulated and should be the same in every store as the retailers are not allowed to put it on promotion or do offers with them. Thats why the companies introduced the follow on milks so they could do marketing and promotions on them when in reality there is no need for them at all. I keep my kids on aptamil 1 till their 1 and then switch to cows milk.

  • I'm not sure about this recent price increase, but the sad reality is that most of the money that parents pay for their formula goes towards the companies' huge advertising budgets. They are particularly active online these days, creating their own "baby clubs" to gain access to new and expectant parents (who they then send emails to shortly after their due dates with things like "is baby getting enough breastmilk?").

    If Ireland fully implemented the WHO code and banned all advertising of all formulas, the cost for the consumer would be dramatically reduced.