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Issues with builder after dodgy extension build

  • 21-07-2021 7:53pm
    Registered Users Posts: 155 ✭✭ icanmunch

    Hi All,

    My parents recently got a small extension added to their kitchen. There was some additional work done by the builder: re-tiling the kitchen, fitted new french doors and some other small bits while he was on the job. He finished the job and all looked ok bar the French doors (they didn’t close correctly) but he advised that he would call back and sort them out the following week. Since then, he has been dodging phone calls. Within the last few weeks they have noticed that the tiles haven’t been laid level and along with that, the upstairs bathroom floor has started to move (directly above kitchen). My mam has tried to contact him many times without success so sent him a text outlining the issues and he replied to say he would call out to fix (last week) but didn’t show up and is now unreachable again. Just wondering does anyone know what the next steps would be to resolve the issues? They had been initially told to get a snagger and then send report to solicitor and get the ball rolling but since the issues are not purely cosmetic we’re not sure if this is the correct approach? Any help is greatly appreciated.


  • Registered Users Posts: 83 ✭✭ Calvin001

    I'm going to assume that you engaged the builder direct, without any professionals (otherwise you would be asking them to deal with this). I'd suggest you get a structural engineer who can survey the work and confirm it is structurally sound, and should also be able to do a snagging report for issue to the builder.

    Do you owe him any money? retentions? have you paid properly though cheques / bank transfer?

    Have you the builders address? You could pop around and drop it through his letterbox, leaving a note with it in regarding what you want him to do. Keep going back until he hates the sight of you and will do the works just to get rid of you. Follow him to whatever job he is doing next, and tell those clients.

    Legal route doesn't work, and costs you money you wont recover, so try to avoid.

    Cant stand cowboys in the building game, but they only exist when clients look for the cheapest job and not the best value job done.