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Add dishwasher to kitchen (plumbing question)

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    I'm adding a dishwasher to my kitchen.

    I've pulled out the washing machine, where it will sit beside it. Quick pic of the existing plumbing that is in place.

    I have a Y splitter for the cold water feed.

    My question is on the waste pipe. The black pipe it sits into, is not thick enough to hold both waste pipes.

    Is there a quick and easy way for me to resolve this? Is there a thicker one I can get, that can merge to the existing one?

    Half way down the black pipe, there is a join. my plan was to remove the upper section, get a thicker one that can connect to the existing one here.

    Any thoughts?


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    Cut the pipe say 10 cm from top opening.

    Get a "T" fitting.

    A 90 degree fitting.

    A small length of pjpe.

    Insert the "T" fitting at the new top of the pipe.

    Use the off cut from earlier as the upright.

    Use some of the new pipe to connect the 90 degree to the "T" junction.

    So you how have 2 new openings on the old pipe.

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    Or depending on the dimension of the current waste pipe it maybe possible to get a wider piece of pipe which will accept both wastes and get the appropriate size reducer to join this to the current waste pile

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