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Cinemas with Butter Popcorn

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    Hey, I don't know if this is the best place for it(seems like it to me), but I LOVE butter popcorn when I go see a film on the big screen.

    I was hoping to make a list of Cinemas that do butter popcorn so I(and you I guess) will know where to go to for that shiny hand glowing in the cinema screen light. 😁

    The only ones I know of are

    Rathmines Ominplex (They haven't had it since they reopened though)

    Odeon Blanch

    I know IMC Tallaght used to do it but they're gone. I don't know if it is a company thing though and all IMC or ODEON would do it cause I don't think the ODEON at The Point does it.

    Any help on this very important topic would be appreciated.


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