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Legal access to greenpark?

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    Just wondering about the correct way to access greenpark for the purpose of photographing ballinacurra creek.I know you can jump walls and stuff but is it actually legally accessible? Also I would be interested in photographing an old structure on the shannon called 'the snufbox'. Its down behind flemming medical on the dock road. Is this monument of limerick history legally accessible to the public?


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    Greenpark Racecourse is privately owned by the Limerick Race Company, so there's no right of access. They turn a blind eye to members of the public using it for dog walking etc., but it's definitely not 'legally accessible'.

    The spot behind Flemings, I dunno. I've often wandered down there with the camera myself (at the time you could just squeeze between the gates and the fencing where the road ends). Never met a soul or had anyone challenge me taking photos there. I guess the access belongs to the owners of the Corcanree business park, but whether there's a right of way is another thing. Here's more info on the tower's history (not particularly monumental).

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