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181 VW Estate Highline 1.0TSI 110bhp OR 182 Skoda Combi Ambition 1.0TSI

  • 20-07-2021 11:04pm
    Registered Users Posts: 524 ✭✭✭ heartofwhite

    Hi All,

    Head is a bit melted at the moment trying to decide between a used VW or Skoda estate. Having test driven the VW, it is a lovely car and I particularly like the digital dash. Going to view a Skoda tomorrow but not feeling as enthusiastic for some reason.

    The Skoda is a bit younger, 2000 cheaper and has 15000 less km's on it but not as highly specced.

    Any thoughts on either would be appreciated.


  • Registered Users Posts: 50,125 ✭✭✭✭ bazz26

    Mechanically they are the same car underneath. A Highline Golf would be better equipped than an Ambition Octavia though and the finish in the Golf would be slightly higher than the Octavia but not by a huge amount. You would have to go Style model in the Octavia to come closer to the Golf Highline spec. The Mk3 Octavia never got the VAG digital dials if that's a deal breaker for you.

    Alternatively you could look at the Seat Leon ST, same car mechanically again as the Golf and Octavia, they look tasty in FR spec and the higher spec trims got the digital dials with the facelift in late 2017.

  • Registered Users Posts: 524 ✭✭✭ heartofwhite

    Thanks for the reply, it has been very helpful. I was not aware of the differences in the models, I will take a look at a few Styles.

  • Registered Users Posts: 472 ✭✭ Jasper79

    I have the highline golf estate and love it. ALot better looking inisde and heated seats and acc along with the digital dash are must haves for me.