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Legitimate work from home opportunities?

  • 20-07-2021 10:14pm
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    Hi everyone, hope you are all keeping well and enjoying the nice weather we have been having lately.

    I currently work in hospitality, I'm sure many of you know how that industry has been lately. I'm sorry if this sounds disrespectful, but I quite enjoyed the lockdown well certainly having the time off work anyway. I'm fortunate to live in a nice apartment on the ground floor with a small outside space plus I've managed to squeeze in a treadmill, so overall the past few months weren't as bad as they could have been

    Having started work a few weeks ago, I've been coming to the realisation that I'm beginning to dislike the hospitality industry that I work in and would like to change to something different. I previously worked in IT but moved over to hospitality when I struggled to find work in that sector, plus I never really liked being stuck in an office all day, but now I no longer like being stuck on my feet all day. I've concluded that it wasn't sitting down all day that caused me to be unhappy, but being stuck in an office being forced to interact with people that I personally didn't really like

    If anything, good comes out of this pandemic. It will hopefully be more working from home opportunities and now I would quite like to start working in one of those new jobs. Where is the best place to start my search? I should add to this that I don't mind working as an independent contractor. Although I understand it's not the most stable of incomes.

    Sorry about the long rambling post. Hopefully, it makes some bit of sense.


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    Maybe eBay.

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    Most of the job sites now have a option to filter by WFH. You'll typically find it where you specifiy location