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Last Phase of Estate - Changed to Timber from Blocks

  • 20-07-2021 9:59pm
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    Hi all,

    A quick question, I've bought a new house in the final phase of construction in an estate.

    Basically, the first three rows of houses, consisting of semi detached house types A and B, are all block built. The last three rows, which are also house types A and B, are currently under construction and are timber frame built.

    If I were to guess, the first three rows were mostly built pre-covid and the last three have gone up since construction opened back up (total guess). However, this does explain why I was finding planning permission specific to the last three rows of houses, excluding the rest of the estate. I never copped it was due to the construction type.

    Is this change of construction method a big deal? The show house was block built. The timber frame version is based off the same plans. The party wall between the houses is the same as the block version of the house.

    The estate agent emailed back in May to say the house was "actually" block built. I guess she was confused too, as the plans sent to the solicters clearly show our house number will be timber.

    The brick work is also different from the show house. They are using house type A bricks instead of what was expected. From family experience, this could be cost cutting to use the cheaper brick (something which happened to a family member in their new build years ago).

    Is this common practice or something to be concerned about? I'm just wondering if this is a way for the developer to cut costs and still charge the same if not more than the block built prices.

    I don't see there being any issue here in terms of build quality, efficency etc. but I am far from someone who knows what they are on about.

    Many thanks