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Energy Usage Stats Sept 20 - July 2021

  • 20-07-2021 9:32pm
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    9.4 Mwh usage

    1,272 Euro's for car and house.

    It could have been a good bit more only for I get a lot of work electricity which I might be able to store more of the work electricity with the 50 Kwh extra in the id.3 tour 5 whenever I get it.

    I might take airtricity up on the 600 odd euro offer but not sure what Kwh they charge day/night.

    I see Energia have removed the night meter tariff for the smart meter only setup which rips people off would be almost twice the night rate I was getting, day much the same and of course they snuck in a higher peak time for when People are cooking the dinner!

    Going to have a little Mad_Lad rant, but don't worry, I'm just on my 2nd Beer and after 2 I'm not as mad as normal ...... :-)

    Were promised by the energy companies that having smart meter would benefit the consumer through lower bills but this is obviously not the case as they seem to have removed the cheap night rate and increased it by twice, not sure if all energy companies have completely removed the cheap night rate but the politicians said too these smart meters would give us cheaper bills but I knew it was all a tactic to screw us and we're paying for the smart meters, you couldn't make this stuff up, anything that comes from a politicians mouth is bullsh*t this is why I so far have avoided getting a smart meter but now the contract with Energia is up they are going to absolutely screw us as they do existing customers to pay for new customers.

    Ok so three quarters through beer No.2 not feeling that angry now.....

    Next little rant is about the so called F.I.T we're supposed to get soon which will be limited to 3,000 Kwh export and this is the really amazing part, if you are in the sticks and on your own transformer you can export but if not and like me, in the sticks but where a transformer is shared you might not be able to export and if you get your application in first might be the only one that can export, unbelievable and of course the usual 5.5 kw limit still applies on single phase. Not sure what happens People in estates.

    Where did we go so wrong ? a disaster but make no mistake, they will take care of the big energy companies and even pay them money from our energy bils. Shocking stuff.

    BTW, I do not like this new site and I don't get email updates of new posts. How do I follow a new post.


  • Moderators, Home & Garden Moderators Posts: 4,471 Mod ✭✭✭✭graememk

    Going to weigh in on the FIT...

    All we've had is a consultation document really and what was proposed:

    2 tariffs, basically a premium (subsidised) and a standard one.

    Premium one - ber requirements and limits.. maybe instead of grants..

    Standard one is open to all and close to the wholesale rate of electricity.

    Both will need a smart meter...

    I have 8.6kwp on a 6kw inverter. (Built for avgerage weather not the good!)

    And in the summer I'd easily export a couple hundred kwhs a month.

    Taking the higher smart meter costs, I'd only save 5-10 euro over a standard day night meter. Assuming a 5c export rate.

    And that's only in the good months. - any gain will be lost in the winter.

    That being said, solar is a good investment, as long as you don't overpay for them. I'm seeing posts that people have paid 14k for systems..

    If you can get it installed for about 1k/kW it's decent but even them quotes are getting harder to get.