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Comedy during the 'demic

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    Afternoon all,

    Hope you are safe and well!

    Hope its ok to post here, just to let you know there is a massive scene brewing of great comics that have been non stop working during the pandemic. Alot of promoters are too lazy to look around at these comics, they book the same old same old, but below are a few links to some events happening soon

    Most are online and defo worth your time.

    https://www.facebook.com/keegolaughs - This is me, apologies for the cheeky plug

    https://fb.me/e/hPsQvuJKu - EARGASM! A weekend of Irish comedy over Halloween weekend, headlined by Damo Clark on the Friday and Joe Rooney on the Sunday

    https://fb.me/e/1a03Dr3SS - The Craic Shop - Girl Power special, the tope Irish comics into your home for free tomorrow night (21st July) at 8PM

    Come on in!

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