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Going to quit using champix

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    Registered Users Posts: 53 ✭✭ DennyPa

    So the time has come again to give you the smokes. I am going to try champix. I have tried everything else. I picked my date and will get them out of my life for good.

     Does anyone have any experience giving up with champix?



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    Just got the first pack today, how are you getting on ?

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    The very best wishes DennyPa.

    One word of advice. Dont say that you're going to "quit using champix". Instead say "I'm going to stop/I have stopped smoking using champix"

    So much of it is psychological, and the word "quit" makes many people feel that they are deprived of something. You're not depriving yourself of anything when you stop smoking. In fact, you are providing yourself with better health/more money.

    Stopping smoking is a positive action, and the word "quit" can be seen as negative, so an easy change in how you describe what you are doing, helps a huge amount.

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    thanks for the replies. I plan to start them mid August, have the date in my head and everyday I tell myself Im stopping smoking in August.

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