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Katla [Netflix]

  • 19-07-2021 8:10pm
    Moderators, Entertainment Moderators Posts: 27,222 Mod ✭✭✭✭ pixelburp

    Only caught the first episode so far but liked what I saw; a very atmospheric, moody Icelandic supernatural thriller, centred around the ongoing eruption of the titular volcano. Given the location, the landscape itself brooded with those famously haunted vistas.

    The structure of a small town in Europe holding personal and supernatural mysteries calls to mind Dark - so anyone looking for a fix of that kind might do well here...


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    I thought this was pretty good. It's a slow-paced moody-broody mystery, with the same "Is it supernatural or science" vibe to it reminiscent of the Australian 'Glitch' series (with some elements of Dark as well). The mystery element is done well, as is the burgeoning ethical questions and quandaries. Clever reveal at the end.

    Season 2 drops June 16th next year.

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    Good to hear it already had a season 2 coming; wonder how expensive these EU productions are vs. American. Feels like Netflix have become more serious in its international content of late.

    Only finished episode 2 last night and haven't watched something this laden with brooding, sombre atmosphere since Dark.

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    Finished this up last night and was largely impressed with its introspective, often gloomy tale of broken people confronting their lives through doppelgangers; this was a very low key show, where the atmosphere was expressed through the location and slumped shoulders, rather than its supernatural premise. The clones always normal people, never any spooky glances or framing.

    Not sure I'd recommend this to everyone and it lacked a singular plot to follow, but as I said very low key, and focused on its characters dealing with the situation than "solving" the mystery of the situation itself.