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Foreign Birth Registration-Document Errors

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    I was wondering what I should do with the following errors in the documents that I need to submit to Foreign Birth Registration Office.

    Our U.S. death certificates includes the names of the person's parents. I need to provide my grandmother's death certificate but the informant put down the wrong father's name. They got her mother's name correctly.

    I looked at my grandmother's obituary (photo copy) and it indicated that the Funeral Mass was at St. Joseph's Catholic Church and Joseph is what the informant put down for her father's name. The obituary includes her siblings

    Will providing the obituary (photo copy) with the suggestion that it is informant error in that the person put down the name of the church for the father's name be enough or would I need to do more?

    I checked the 1911 Irish Census and her father is not listed only her mother, siblings and uncle. He must have been counted somewhere else.

    Another potential error is my grandmother's birth date on the death certificate. It is listed as the 10th of April. The civil birth registration has it as 15th of April and the Baptismal certificate has the birth of 8th of April and the Baptism as 10th of April. My grandmother celebrated her birthday on the 10th of April which is what is listed on the death certificate.

    My grandmother was registered by her uncle who was living with the family at the time and so gave the registrar the wrong birth date

    Would providing the baptismal certificate be enough to correct this error?

    Thank You for your help!

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