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Inventive to build to let apartment attached to main house

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    In Ireland you can rent a room in your home tax free up to €14,000 per year which is a great incentive from the government.

    This also applied to small 1 bed self contained apartments attached to the main house.

    The rental yield, especially in Dublin on these small self contained apartments can be around 10% and provide a steady stream of cash for families and help alleviate the housing crisis without having a stranger living in your main home.

    This sounds like a quick and easy way to solve the housing crisis where everyone benefits.

    If there was a fund set up by the government where people could access it to cover the capital cost and the interest rate was reasonable at around 2% this would be a winner for the government also and they wouldn't have to assume the role of landlord and it would also drive down the cost of the HAP scheme.

    There are a huge number of builders that could build these type of accommodations that wouldn't have the skills and resources to build large apartment blocks.

    The pros of this far outweigh the cons as far as I can see.

    What do you think of this?



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