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No Sudden Move (Steven Soderbergh, HBO Max)


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    To reply to my own thread; watched this today and it's good. Unspectacular but really solid. Soderbergh never fails to please when he's simply out to entertain (let's ignore recent waffle like The Laundromat).

    Mostly entertain mind you ...The swerve into an Anti Capitalist screed in the last act was a bit sudden, but the journey there felt like a sleazier, more cynical version of Soderbergh's previous heist movies like Ocean's 11 or Logan Lucky. Performances were enthusiastic and solid all round, and the only real complaint was some of the plotting tied itself in knots, a few too many connections and relationships to keep track of, imparted as asides or by the ways. 

    It is kinda funny too this was released, on streaming, alongside Space Jam 2 the same week - and both star Don Cheadle. The actor kinda disappeared into the MCU rabbit hole, so two very contrasting works to act as reminder what a talent he is. Good to see him back .

    As a sidebar, the appearance of Bill Duke surprised me, given he is a generation of actors I'd have presumed had already passed. 

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