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Radio replacement and Bluetooth functionality

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    Hi folks,

    Sorry I appreciate this is probably a stupid question but fortunately my anonymity is protected ;)

    Anyway I'm considering replacing the radio in my car (Jetta) so that I get an OEM reversing camera install. I currently have a rcd310 and was considered replacing it with an rcd510. Swapping it seems to be be relatively easy but the worry I have is whether or not making this change could invalidate the Bluetooth functionality that's in the car? If I just replace one radio with another will it still work or is it somehow built into the radio? My gut says the Bluetooth is a totally different/separate system and that it should still work but thought I'd be better ask people in the know before I wreck my car!



  • Your Bluetooth module and functionality is input to the head unit, it should be available to the upgraded head unit, you may have to pair your devices to it all over again. It's not likely that the BT modules differ from the head units, but it might be an idea to ask someone like this vendor of RCD 510 head units, who also sell the BT modules.

    They should confirm if your existing BT module is plug and play with the RCD510 replacement. If the RCD310 displays calller/call data and has control of the BT unit, the manner in which it interfaces to the RCD310 may not be directly compatible with the RCD510. If not, you will need the separate BT modules compatible the new head unit. It would help if you were buying the 510 face to face with the vendor, a breakers yard say. Assuming they had the pin code for the 510 when powered up, you could pop it in and test if it 'sees' your existing BT modules, and can enable them to connect your phone. Risky otherwise to pay so much for the reverse camera input, only to lose the BT.